When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
John Muir

Believing is seeing. What we believe determines what we see, how we think, and fundamentally influences everything we do.
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The things people say!

"Complex ideas, beautifully presented."

"The presentation on Systems put everything in context; it was inspirational and challenging, and brought great clarity to our situation."

"Thank you for a very insightful workshop. You have certainly whet the appetite for more."

"The feedback is extremely positive, and should make you feel very proud of your extremely high quality and professional work."

"Iím not mad after all! The systemís mad!"

"Many thanks for your contribution to our conference. Both verbal and written evaluations were extremely positive, and you contributed in no small way to that success."

"A really lucid explanation of complexity and chaos."

"You helped me understand what I know in a different way. You gave me a theoretical framework - and then you applied it."



changing the way
you change

Changing the world
inside your head


Q5 : New Leadership at Work is an inspiring development programme designed to deepen the capacity of leaders to respond meaningfully to an emerging future that is without precedent. A new kind of leader is needed to facilitate the deep cultural shift thatís required.

Over the course of this eight-part series combining cutting-edge perspectives with reflective dialogue and stimulating group conversation, youíll explore the human and cultural dimension of our global dilemmas and your potential to make a difference.

Q5 brings conversations that matter into places that matter. It is a new lens for a new kind of leadership, for a world in transition. read more

Seeing Systems

This informative seminar and workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of living systems. Life has learned a thing or two about how to change, evolve and sustain itself, and we have a lot to learn from its uncommon common sense. To create workplaces and communities inspired by the values of life, people are needed who are inspired by the principles of life.


Believing is seeing. What we believe determines what we see, how we think, and fundamentally influences everything we do.

Modern life is dominated by a mechanistic way of thinking which consumes valuable time and energy in activities that attempt to get Ďon top of thingsí: forecasting... analysing... measuring... planning... This way of thinking puts faith in planned rollouts, predictable outcomes, fixed timeframes, and known deliverables. And it persists, even when itís clear that 21st century issues and organisations arenít responding well to this approach.

Measurements and plans are important but the whole world canít be understood or managed in this way, and the failures we see everywhere are the predictable result of a clash between a complex reality and a mechanistic mindset.

Itís time to put our faith in something else. The intelligence of life and living systems presents a new lens and language through which to see and understand groups and organisations, problems and solutions. This seminar introduces the key principles of living systems, and challenges how we think about and approach almost everything we do.

Key themes

  • The consequences of a mechanistic mindset
  • How complex adaptive systems work
  • Key systems principles
  • Power, leadership and change from a systems perspective
  • Cultivating a learning approach to change



These presentations can be run in 1 hour, 2 hour and half-day modules. The material also forms the backbone of a practical workshop.

Who would find this helpful?

We have introduced these ideas to teachers and civil servants, PR and HR professionals, local government officials and community development workers, union representatives and managers, religious communities and entrepreneurs, and people in all walks of life from IT and banking to the environment and healthcare. These universal principles never fail to open minds and help people make new sense of their work and their lives.

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