The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.
John Scharr

Humankind has changed the world out of all recognition, and yet it remains true that the only lasting positive change anyone can make is within him/herself. Change oneself and one’s world changes.
Dr Ivor Browne

The key is to develop cultural resilience as we change. This is not about changing from A to Z, but changing in a way that deepens the human capacity to live skilfully and effectively in an uncertain and unpredictable world.
dya | the culture challenge


changing the way
you change

Changing the way
you change

Learning History

The detached, third-person narratives that dominate organisational life and provide ‘objective’ accounts of what is going on or what happened, tidy up life’s messiness but reduce personal experience to anecdote.

To transform our organisational ‘machines’ and improve the world we live in, we have to rescue and recover our humanness and learn from our stories and our real-life experience.

We’ll partner our outsider perspective with your insider knowledge to help you create a learning narrative that will engage people in reflection on real-life experience and support meaningful, self-directed change. read more

Action Inquiry

Not so much a programme or a project, change is a process that happens over time as we disturb habitual patterns of thinking and behaving, and approach the issues we care about in new ways. In the deepest sense, change happens when people engage in personal renewal.

Action Inquiry creates a reflective space in the busyness of professional life where people can question their assumptions, explore issues of common concern, challenge each other to experiment with new behaviours, and learn their way into the future.

We will help you to develop communities of inquiry in which the people who co-create the system discover together how to change it. read more

What can we learn from the most successful change programme on Earth?

We like to work in straight lines. Nature works in cycles and loops. We like to plan. She has no plan. We crave certainty. She fails and learns, experiments and learns, and improves her creations by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. We don’t like change. Nature is constantly assembling and disassembling. Never still. Always in flow.

When we understand human systems as living systems governed by the rules of life, it makes sense to work the way life works. Taking our cue from nature may be less certain and even messy when it comes to change and renewal, but it also makes the system stronger, less vulnerable and more resilient.

Renewing our human systems in this way would make our organisations, communities, societies and perhaps the whole world, more caring, more healing and more human. What an astonishing thought! read more

CultureWork: what we do

The CultureWork suite of processes is a unique resource designed to support the work of transition in organisations and in the community. Bringing the principles of living systems into an everyday context we will help you to develop an emergent approach to personal and organisational renewal - to change the way you change.

We will support you in cultivating learning communities engaged in meaningful, self-directed change, using leading-edge development processes such as the Learning History and Action Inquiry - both powerful ways of anchoring conversation around real experience.