When things work, the forces that make them work are invisible. The basic laws of ecology have a beauty and simplicity.
Daniel Quinn

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.
Albert Einstein

For us to be sane and healthy we must relate to a holistic world, so that all the essential aspects of life bear a clear relationship to one another.
Dr Ivor Browne

Change is a process of learning and evolving requiring two fundamental shifts: a shift in the way we think, and a shift in the way we engage - with each other, with our work, and with the wider system we’re part of.
dya | the culture challenge


cultivating life-centred,
values-based workplaces

Changing the
social architecture


Social systems are conversations in motion. We co-create our world and our organisations through our constant interaction. In every way, we make each other. None of us is as clever as all of us - whatever the organisational chart might suggest!

With processes inspired by the principles of self-organising living systems, we can help you to design and host different kinds of meetings to access intelligence and experience, and maximise the participation and contribution of those who matter. read more


As a living system, an organisation is healthiest and most resilient when its internal and external relationships are strong and generative. Communication is the currency of those relationships so it is literally the lifeblood of organisation and community.

We’ll help you to frame a communication agenda that will cultivate a coherent and resilient culture with appropriate ways of planning, practising and evaluating communication so that it continually supports your key objectives, and strengthens the internal and external relationships that make work work. read more


The conventional hierarchical model of organising limits participation, distorts perceptions of responsibility and accountability, stifles communication and weakens the web of relationship.

The principles of Nature can help us to work better together. With the design principles of viable living systems as our touchstone, we can help you to increase participation, distribute responsibility and leadership, and make the organisation more effective, responsive and resilient. read more

What would change if we worked together the way Nature works?

A microcosm of the larger living system, an organisation is an ecology of relationship. A web of information, interaction, conversation and communication that brings the system to life, moment by moment. The nature and quality of its relationships determines the nature and quality of the outcome. Just as the rose is dependent on the quality of the soil, everything an organisation is, is dependent on its culture.

When you disturb the rules and habits of relationship you shift the cultural patterns. Engaging with different people in different ways creates different outcomes. New conversations create new possibilities. Connecting across conventional boundaries makes the organisation flexible and resilient. Increased participation and collaboration makes the system smarter.

What might be possible for our world if we set aside traditional ideas of boundaries as firm, non-porous barriers and began to work in new ways, for new reasons? read more

CultureWork: what we do

The CultureWork suite of processes is a unique resource designed to support the work of transition in organisations and in the community.

Bringing the principles of living systems into an everyday context we will help you to rethink and redesign how you meet, communicate and organise in a way that deepens understanding, maximises participation and collaboration and releases the intelligence and creativity in the system to support cultural renewal.