Reflection 10


There were times when I felt that you challenged us too much. But I’m not sure that I would say that now. Your expectations of what we would do pushed us almost too far. And I remember sometimes thinking “We’re not capable of doing this”. But it’s also amazing the way we held out and hung in there. So I might take all that back!

Some of the times we had with you were almost too intense. You gave us too much to think about. I think that you probably always do that. I find it quite exciting. But I would be very tired at the end of it!

But you have the capacity for enabling us to dig beneath the surface, and not to get away with jargon or to soft peddle. You cut through an awful lot of the nonsense and helped us get to the core of things. It was cut-and-thrust stuff. There was no nonsense about it. People who have lived in religious life are used to a spiritual wooziness. They can take it or leave it, or float on a kind of a cloud with it. But you were cutting into the heart of things, and how we faced up the challenge of change.


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