Reflection 9


The days we worked through the Focus & Direction process were good days. There was a lot of stuff to be dealt with, and we worked hard, and without help weíd never have got there. We probably could have spent three weeks rather than a few days getting to the same place. But we were very pleased with the final outcome.

From time to time, thereís stuff that still comes out of it that we didnít realise we wrote! It almost surprises us, and every so often it confirms us. Itís kind of inspirational really. And it remains a faithful statement of where we are. Itís still very relevant to us. We return to the values we chose and incorporate them into what weíre doing, and they allow us to call each other to account.

Itís made an awful lot of difference to us, and itís made a lot of difference in our relationships with others. And everybodyís quite proud of it actually.


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