Reflection 7


(The Learning History) was a huge task to undertake around Christmas time, but we did it. And looking back on it, I think it was a wonderful process. It was wonderful that we were able to invite contributions from outside (our group) and it was good for them (outsiders) too. Some of it was very encouraging, and it was also very clear that there were problems which we have addressed, and so we’ve improved in a whole lot of areas where issues were arising. The themes in the document keep reverberating in our relationships with the outside world and the rest of the organisation. And I think our relationships with others are far better now.

... We keep reminding ourselves that it is by learning that we move on, and we’re quite faithful about doing it (learning reflections) as a large group and in our smaller groups. The insight we have urges us forward to a new place. And we’re getting more succinct and refined about it.


Reflection 1
on embracing the chaos of change

Reflection 2
on the transforming effects of a systems perspective

Reflection 3
inspired to attempt big change

Reflection 4
the systems ‘lens’ - a breath of fresh air

Reflection 5
the relief and challenge of working systemically

Reflection 6
on creating internal cohesion on a large scale

Reflection 7
on learning from different perspectives

Reflection 8
from ‘fixing what's broken’ to ‘listening to patterns’

Reflection 9
confirmed and inspired by our own work

Reflection 10
really facing up to the challenge of change

changing the way
you change