Reflection 6


I headed the Communication function (at a large multinational) and Paula and David were asked to help set up a strong communication function at the company. As the work progressed I gained a deep appreciation for their understanding of what it takes to develop organisational culture and the professionalism of their approach.

The whole organisation including the senior management team engaged in a company-wide ‘conversation’ to reflect on their experience and identify their needs by means of focus groups and a bespoke company-wide survey. An extensive internal communication audit was designed and implemented to provide a template for action and a benchmark for improvement over time. The research data was communicated to all employees and every unit manager was given comparative feedback as well as strategic recommendations and action plans for improvement in their area.

dya designed an internal brand to create visibility for new communication initiatives that responded to the needs people had voiced. Everyone became enthusiastic to make things improve.

I was helped to begin many initiatives to respond to employee feedback and foster cohesion across the workplace, such as introducing large-scale strategic events to build leadership visibility and deepen understanding of corporate strategy, and the re-launching our internal company newspaper to create a shared story.

From the start, this was a happy and productive relationship with Paula and David and the whole initiative made a very real difference to the company and the experience of employees. It was as if all employees became re-connected with each other and with the goals of the company. Even the most skeptical of senior executives acknowledged the tremendous achievements.

In all my dealings with Paula and David I have found them highly professional and a pleasure to work with. They exhibit a very high attention to detail, they are highly deadline driven and always succeed in delivering on time. Throughout, they demonstrate an infectious enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring that their efforts have a lasting, positive impact on those they come into contact with.


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