Reflection 1


Seeing ourselves as a living system nested inside a wider system gives us our context. It also helps us to see how our work connects with a wider world that is in crisis. The same language and principles explain not only our experience, but how our experience and our challenges are a reflection of much wider challenges...

...There were huge jumps (of progress) at different times in the process. People recognised and put together in a new way all the bits along the way and saw how they fit together. There was a kind of maturing in the group generally. Others can see it in us. We have a clear sense of direction, our group process has changed dramatically... People are more confident. They feel that what weíre doing makes sense. They talk with great confidence about where we are and what weíre at.... We are in a much clearer place, and we have a sense that weíve really moved on. The listening is better and weíre managing better generally. Itís falling together better. Itís almost invisible, but itís happening. And itís really good, but at the same time itís very hard to describe!

This is the mystery of change, I think, because itís not about the meetings we have and the way we organise ourselves, though itís about that too. But thereís something else that you canít talk about like that. Somehow we are different, and we canít explain it and there arenít any words we can put up on a powerpoint presentation that will transmit that to others. We canít give them our experience, we canít even explain it to ourselves...

...This way of working is an idea whose time has come. People want to plan it out beforehand and donít want the chaos and confusion. Weíve tried that before and it doesnít work. Chaos and disturbance is an integral part of change - we have to learn to be tolerant with it because itís part of the process. You have to trust the process... itís a moving, living, growing thing. And we have to keep the continually changing, moving nature of it alive, so that we donít get stuck.


Reflection 1
on embracing the chaos of change

Reflection 2
on the transforming effects of a systems perspective

Reflection 3
inspired to attempt big change

Reflection 4
the systems ‘lens’ - a breath of fresh air

Reflection 5
the relief and challenge of working systemically

Reflection 6
on creating internal cohesion on a large scale

Reflection 7
on learning from different perspectives

Reflection 8
from ‘fixing what's broken’ to ‘listening to patterns’

Reflection 9
confirmed and inspired by our own work

Reflection 10
really facing up to the challenge of change

changing the way
you change