a life-centred values-
based approach to
work and workplace

The key to culture change is inside the system

A living systems perspective holds different assumptions about what change is and how it happens. Normal boundaries between 'starts', 'middles' and 'ends' are porous and fluid so every conversation in our view, from the very first meeting contributes to emergent change.

Our approach to the task in hand is founded on exploratory conversations during which a path is discovered that is relevant to real needs and real circumstances. Rather than planning for you we decide together the next best thing to do.

We believe that whatever the context - business, the professions, industry, education, government, religious life, the community - and whatever change is required, everything needed for it to happen is already in the system. It's a matter of tapping into it, catalysing it, nurturing it and sustaining it.

That's why we don't 'roll out' change programmes. We don't do training and development. We don't design grand plans and strategies because when it comes to culture we don't think we can move people from a knowable 'here' to a predictable 'there' according to plan.

We believe that deep inside, you know what you need and you have what it takes. You just might need a little help finding it, and that support we can provide. We partner our living-systems perspective and CultureWork processes with your insider knowledge to respond appropriately to emerging needs. And as we work together, we help you put a living systems head on your shoulders so you can keep emergent change alive and moving, day to day.

We view our role as that of a working partner. A resource and practical support for people who want to nurture real and lasting culture change.

If this approach resonates with you the first step is for us to discover if we're the right 'fit' for each other, so we offer one or two initial conversations without charge or obligation and see what emerges. No pressure. No expectations.

If you'd like to explore how our input might help you, you can call or e-mail us, or complete the 'get in touch' page here.

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