All of life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
Martin Luther King

Everything is connected. Every component contributes to the wider context, and is itself influenced by the whole. And the circle is complete.
When we step back from personal attachments we become sensitive to our connectedness. Our oneness. From a distance we can see the truth: there are no boundaries.
dya | Communecology


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Seeing Systems

Seeing Systems is an informative seminar and workshop that will introduce you to the fundamentals of living systems. Life has learned a thing or two about how to change, evolve and sustain itself, and we can learn a lot from its uncommon common sense. To create workplaces inspired by the values of life, people are needed who are inspired by the principles of life. read more


Q5 : New Leadership at Work is an inspiring development programme designed to deepen the capacity of leaders to respond meaningfully to an emerging future that is without precedent. A new kind of leader is needed to facilitate the deep cultural shift thatís required.

Over the course of this eight-part series combining cutting-edge perspectives with reflective dialogue and stimulating group conversation, youíll explore the human and cultural dimension of our global dilemmas and your potential to make a difference.

Q5 brings conversations that matter into places that matter. It is a new lens for a new kind of leadership, for a world in transition. read more

What would change if we saw people and organisations as living systems?

Every living thing is a system, nested inside a larger living system. A person or a group of people of any size, is a living system nested inside a larger system. Life has one set of rules, humans have another, and when these clash there’s a problem. Most of today’s Big Problems are rooted in this mismatch, and though we try to insist, Nature will never work to our rules.

But changing thinking changes everything. The insights of life and living systems transform the role of managers and leaders, and reframe the challenge of change. This perspective also opens the door to new approaches to complex, stubborn issues that stand in the way of progress on the road to a better world.

What would change in our organisations if we understood the world and our place in it as it really is, rather than as we have organised it to be? read more

CultureWork: what we do

The CultureWork suite of processes is a unique resource designed to support the work of transition in organisations and communities.

The insights of living systems inform our work and inspire a life-centred approach to cultural renewal. We present these ideas at workshops, seminars and conferences and help people explore this perspective more fully through our special development programmes Seeing Systems and Q5: New Leadership at Work.