We are on a slippery slope indeed if we forget that work is fundamentally a human endeavour.
Abraham Maslow

When a group finally comes face to face with its compelling reason for being the energy in the room suddenly shifts and you can literally feel the hairs stand on the back of your neck.
dya | the culture challenge

The things people say!

"We reached an inspiring clarity about who we are and what we are about. It will stand up to scrutiny not just internally but also, and very importantly, the scrutiny of our customers..."

"David and Paula worked us hard! But due to their professionalism, good listening skills and objectivity, they were able to get us to clarity and lead us to articulate who we are and what we are about."

"They have a wonderful capacity to listen and to feedback what they heard us say."

"Our whole reason for being is more inspirational now, not only because it clearly states what we’re about but because it situates us within the organisation, and in the wider world."

"There seems to be a deeper sense of unity, commitment and openness among us. No one was holding onto their own point of view - it seemed that all of us were striving to reach decisions that were best for all of us."



workplace renewal
for a higher purpose

Changing the story
that shapes the work

Focus and Direction

Focus and Direction is a rigorous group process designed to guide participants to a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

In a series of 1-day workshops arranged to allow space for personal reflection between sessions, this facilitated process engages participants in an exacting search for clarity of mission and vision, with supporting values and behaviours as a basis for cohesion and appropriate discretionary behaviour.

How it works

A small group is established representing the diversity of the wider organisation so that the tensions of the wider group can find expression in the conversation around purpose and future direction.

This is no doddle! It’s tough conversation all the way in which contradiction, difference and convergence are surfaced and explored until a clear view of the road emerges that is meaningful and relevant in the contemporary world.

When clarity of purpose and future direction are achieved, the pent-up energy that is released can completely revitalise the everyday experience in the workplace. Over and over, participants say they find the process of Focus and Direction personally transformative, and just as valuable as the outcome for the organisation.

Want to talk?

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