One often does not know the precise goal, but one must always be certain of one’s direction. The goal will reveal itself in due course.
Robert Greenleaf

Work is central to human well-being, but work that’s meaningful is what matters and there can be little meaning in work if it neglects or damages what is really important.
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cultivating life-centred,
values-based workplaces

Changing the story
that shapes the work

Focus & Direction

Focus & Direction is a rigorous group process designed to guide participants to a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

In a series of facilitated 1-day workshops arranged to allow space for personal reflection between sessions, contradiction, difference and convergence are explored in an exacting search for clarity of mission and vision and supporting values, as a basis for cohesion and appropriate discretionary behaviours in the contemporary world. read more

What would change if our work was shaped by a different story?

Everyone needs a sense of place and purpose to give life meaning. An organisation needs a clear and widely understood story of its purpose to unite people in common cause. A community, a city, a nation is a coherent place only when it knows who it is and what it is trying to become. For each, serving a worthy cause connects with the soul.

Who are you? And what do you stand for? What is your contribution? Why do you do what you do? What’s the right thing to do? Questions like these are timeless and universal. They invite us to reflect on the connections between our personal values, our professional decision-making and the needs of the wider system we’re part of.

Suppose we opened ourselves to these questions, and the possibility of a more enlightened foundation for our work? read more

CultureWork: what we do

The CultureWork suite of processes is a unique resource designed to support the work of transition in organisations and in the community.

Focus & Direction is a powerful process that helps groups and organisations of all kinds to discover and articulate an inspiring purpose that is meaningful, relevant and future-proof.