We have demoralised work by treating people and organisations like machines. We have to remoralise it by creating the context in which people can behave responsibly.
Peter Schwartz

Change isnít easy. And the culture shift we need wonít happen in isolation. We all need the company of like minds as we engage in the challenge of deep change.
dya | the culture challenge

The things people say!

"I found Q5 hugely motivating and Iíve been motivated to read many of the books referenced during the conversations and push forward a large environmental programme at my company."

"I feel revitalised.... I am reevaluating my career and my place in the world, and Q5 has been very valuable in helping me make decisions about my future."

"Q5ís talks and conversations introduced me to a more appropriate vocabulary to discuss what is happening around us."

"Every person in our organisation should do this programme. It would change the way we think about everything."

"I really enjoyed the course and found it very interesting and useful."

"Uplifting, energizing, challenging, educational, scary, rewarding, a wake up call. Some of the words I use to describe my participation in the conversation called Q5."

"This is cutting edge - way ahead of its time. It has shifted the way I think in a way thatís subtle and powerful"

"I would love to see the day when school children are given the opportunity to explore the challenge that exists in Q5."

"l enjoyed the reading material, many new authors. l have a scientific background but strange as it may seem l had never really considered Ďsystemsí in the human situation. Thanks a lot for the sessions which were truly enriching for me."

"The breadth of the considerations of how the world is and the depth of the realities underlying not only the nature of the problems but also illuminating the (I would like to think) true stature of mankind is enormous."

"I loved the opportunity to discuss questions of values with such a wide variety of people."

"The opportunity to explore real issues with like-minded people was one of the memorable aspects of Q5."

"I enjoyed the programme very much, very stimulating and particularly enriching as it was a range of people I would not usually come into contact with... thanks so much for the effort, energy, courage in taking Q5 out to such a diverse group. I loved it."



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in transition

Changing the world
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Seeing Systems

Seeing Systems is an informative seminar and workshop that will introduce you to the fundamentals of living systems. Life has learned a thing or two about how to change, evolve and sustain itself, and we can learn a lot from its uncommon common sense. To create workplaces inspired by the values of life, people are needed who are inspired by the principles of life. read more

Q5 : New Leadership at Work

Work is more than what we do, or where we go to make a living. Itís how we shape the world. And as the dilemmas facing humanity deepen, growing public awareness of whatís at stake is turning the spotlight on the world of work, its values, its leaders, its purpose.

Recent sociological research confirms a significant shift in consciousness is underway. People have a growing sense of connection to each other and the planet as a whole and thereís an increased willingness to genuinely address our social and ecological crises. More and more ordinary people the world over, want the organisations they support with their custom or their labour or their vote to expand their horizons beyond self-interest, and put their shaping power and influence behind the search for solutions to real needs.

Leadership consciousness at corporate and political level is not keeping pace with this trend. The issues are complex and require a more holistic perspective, a capacity to think beyond the fourth quarter, and a willingness to integrate the needs of the wider system and the needs of the organisation in order to secure the future for everyone. A new generation of leaders with a different mindset and value system is needed to catalyse this cultural shift.

Q5 : New Leadership at Work is an inspiring development programme designed to deepen the capacity of participants to respond meaningfully to an emerging future that is without precedent. Over the course of eight learning modules that combine cutting-edge perspectives with reflective dialogue and group discussion, youíll explore the human and cultural dimension of our global dilemmas and begin to form a more accurate picture of the world - the way it really is, not the way we have organised it to be.

Q5 is a space in which a new kind of leadership can emerge. It offers a liberating perspective on the implications of the choices and decisions we make individually, and collectively as organisations, and helps you to see power and responsibility in new and subtle ways. It brings conversations that matter into places that matter to expand leadership consciousness and develop more reflective, responsive practitioners. Itís also an excellent platform on which to cultivate a community of change agents, working across the system, united by an awareness of whatís at stake, and inspired by a shared sense of possibility and potential.

Q5 is a new lens for a new kind of leadership, for a world in transition.

Content Overview

Part 1 The culture challenge
The big picture and the systemic nature of our dilemmas
Part 2 Ways of seeing
Understand the power of paradigm
Part 3 Connectedness, relationship and balance
Appreciate the implications of radical interdependence
Part 4 The language of living systems
Discover the principles of life and living systems
Part 5 Communecology
Make the connection between the inner world and the outer world
Part 6 Power and the status quo
See power at work in human systems
Part 7 Change: paradox and potential
Learn how change happens in living systems
Part 8 Taking it Personally
What now?


Q5 is usually presented in eight half-day modules.

Who would find this helpful?

In-company, Q5 is a timely and important contribution to the leadership development agenda, for progressive leaders and change agents who want to better understand the relationship between personal values, organisational culture and the wider environment - to know the present and prepare for the future.

In its public form, Q5 will benefit anyone who wants to understand the dynamics underpinning the complex issues of our time, explore their potential to make a difference, and become part of a community of like-minded people.

In either setting, Q5 itís an ideal vehicle for establishing or strengthening any group or network engaged in the challenge of renewal.

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