what is culturework?

CultureWork is a suite of practical processes for people who know their organisation has to change at a deep level, and need a way of navigating the complex territory of culture.

CultureWork opens five ‘doors’ in to the cultural space to make the intangible tangible: Insight, Direction, Values, Relationship and Renewal. Each a unique entry point with a different purpose. All leading to the same place.

CultureWork applies the principles of living systems to the challenge of change in human systems because that is what they are: living systems.

Working this way shifts the intention from ‘delivering’ change to growing the organisation’s capacity to adapt and respond to change.

It’s a bit like gardening: prepare the ground, nurture the conditions, respect nature’s principles, and things evolve - naturally. Like cultivating the soil, it’s a constant process.

CultureWork is inspired by the possibility that organisations and institutions of all kinds can transform, so that work serves life and workplaces can make a positive difference in the world.


organisation and change
for a world in transition


culturework values direction insight relationship renewal